Aderant Introduces AI-Powered Virtual Associate MADDI

Aderant, a leading global provider of legal business management solutions, announced the introduction of MADDI, a revolutionary new AI-powered virtual associate that is being applied across the company’s applications and is intuitively designed to not only automate routine, repeatable tasks but enable actionable insights and behavioral prompts to optimize complex activities across the firm. MADDI brings calm to the growing chaos of billing and matter management by harnessing the power of AI through automation and predicted activities to streamline manual processes and solve firms’ biggest challenges.

MADDI is pre-trained on an extensive body of knowledge from several Aderant applications, requiring minimal experiential training from law firms, and ensures quick time-to-value with a continuous learning path. MADDI is the powerful engine behind the recently launched Onyx, a breakthrough solution that fully automates and unifies outside counsel guidelines (OCG) compliance across time, billing, and e-billing. MADDI is also fueling the development of new Aderant products and enhanced predictive features yet to be released.

MADDI is currently powering the following Aderant solutions:

  • OnyxMADDI delivers automation across OCG compliance activities.
  • iTimekeepMADDI assists timekeepers in creating accurate, compliant time entries with predictive narratives to ensure acceptance.
  • Expert Accounts ReceivableMADDI will automate matching cash receipts to the proper invoices and charges.

“Incorporating AI into Aderant’s solutions was a crucial next step in the evolution of our offerings. However, unlike other AI-enabled legal tech products, we have been actively pre-training MADDI to ensure our clients realize immediate value,” said Andy Hoyt, Aderant’s Chief Technology Officer. “MADDI is inherently versatile, having a much broader impact, and will address more than one particular need to drive firm-wide growth, scalability, and optimization from the insights it generates.”

Aderant’s CEO, Chris Cartrett, added, “The power of AI is often derived from the data and expertise training it. From our tenure in legal tech to the breadth of our products and the number of clients we support globally, no other company in the industry has a more substantial business of law knowledge base than Aderant. MADDI allows our clients to tap into this incredible resource – whether it is helping an attorney become a rockstar timekeeper or a biller get accurate invoices out the door faster. The entire firm benefits from MADDI, and we have just begun unlocking its vast potential.”

About Aderant®

Aderant is dedicated to helping law firms run a better business. As a leading global provider of business management and practice-of-law solutions, the world’s best firms rely on Aderant to keep their businesses moving forward and inspire innovation, according to the company. Aderant operates as a unit of Roper Technologies (NYSE: ROP), a constituent of the S&P 500 and Fortune 1000. The company is headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, and has several other offices across North America, Europe, and Asia-Pacific.