Aosphere uses Neota Logic to launch RegTech apps

Aosphere, Allen & Overy’s online legal subscription business, and Neota Logic, producer of an Artificial Intelligence software platform for the automation of expertise, documents, and business processes, today announced that aosphere has launched three RegTech apps to help financial services clients reduce risk.

The apps, designed to make the lives of in-house legal and compliance easier, surface legal content on demand across a number of topics that are already offered to aosphere clients through its online subscription business.

“This is an exciting development for online legal services,” said Marc-Henri Chamay, CEO of aosphere. “Finding ways to make legal content more accessible to time-poor legal and compliance teams is our priority. It’s not enough to present clients with a 100 page document – they want to know how the rules apply to them quickly and with confidence in the data. Using apps to surface multi-jurisdictional content, which is often incredibly complicated, is the natural next step in our journey of trying to simplify the complex.”

The apps recently launched to aosphere subscribers are as follows:

  • Initial Thresholds App: Available to subscribers of aosphere’s Rulefinder Shareholding Disclosure service, the Initial Thresholds App allows clients to view and compare in seconds the initial disclosure thresholds across 91 jurisdictions. By selecting jurisdictions or regions for comparison, clients can easily access initial thresholds for regulatory reporting of major positions, short positions and special rules when an issuer is subject to a takeover. The app also provides succinct commentary on what is included in a calculation and links through to the underlying legal analysis to enable a “deeper dive” into a specific jurisdiction
  • G20 Equivalence App: This app is designed to assist aosphere’s Rulefinder G20 service subscribers. It helps them to understand if the rules they are complying with in one jurisdiction are recognised in other jurisdictions. In just two clicks, the Equivalence App provides the position for equivalence determination across 20 jurisdictions. The app saves time in researching each jurisdiction’s position, and provides a comparison view of equivalence across the G20 nations. Further information:
  • Marketing Unregistered Funds Into Europe App: Clients outside of the EU looking to market funds into Europe are faced with a complex network of local and EU-wide rules. Understanding the requirements and how they apply is complex and time consuming. This app, available to subscribers of Rulefinder Marketing Restrictions – Asset Management, enables a comparison not only of the rules, but an indication as to their complexity. Further information:

“With the design of these RegTech apps, the aosphere team has demonstrated that they truly understand the challenges faced by clients with cross-border financial services delivery. We’re thrilled to see our technology put to work to help their clients reduce risk in day-to-day business operations easily and around the clock,” said Rick Seabrook, Managing Director of Neota Logic, EMEA.