Darrow Raises $35 Million in Series B Funding to Expand AI Platform for Intelligent Legal Violation Detection

Darrow, calling itself the leading Justice Intelligence platform, announced that it has raised $35 million in Series B funding. Georgian led the round, which included current investors, F2, Entrée Capital and NFX, with Darrow earmarking the funds to recruit top talent in R&D and go-to-market functions, break into new legal domains and scale its large language models designed to detect and support potential class action litigation.

“Every day, countless legal violations impacting a vast number of individuals slip through the cracks, though the evidence behind these violations and the legal theories to support potential cases are widely available,” said Evyatar (Evya) Ben Artzi, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Darrow. “It isn’t humanly possible for lawyers to parse through this endless amount of data, so Darrow’s platform leads this crucial piece of the process, helping law firms grow their business while maximizing impact for the people they serve.”

Darrow’s proprietary platform leverages generative AI to sift through publicly available information, such as consumer complaints, administrative documents, SEC filings and more, and connect relevant data points to detect legal violations, predict their outcomes and assess their financial impact, streamlining the business development for litigation teams in the process. This seeks to cut down hundreds of costly unbillable hours between cases, uncovering new business opportunities that enable legal teams to focus on what they do best: fighting for justice.

“At Darrow, we envision a human-led, AI-enhanced justice system that empowers individuals to trust that every legal violation is swiftly discovered, precisely valued and efficiently resolved,” said Gila Hayat, co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Darrow. “Our Series B round will help bring us closer to that reality, enabling us to further advance the scope of our deep learning platform and support the resolution of even more cases for the public.”

Founded in 2020 in Tel Aviv, Darrow was born with a key mission: to uncover legal wrongdoing and secure justice for impacted parties. Darrow supports law firms’ business development via identifying potentially high-value, meritorious cases that seek to hold wrongdoers to account, deter further wrongdoing and secure justice for victims.

“Darrow’s founders recognized a gap in the $63 billion class and mass action market and developed an innovative language model to transform the scale and impact of litigation teams,” said Georgian lead investor Margo Wu. “The company’s mission-driven team of lawyers, technologists, and product developers were a key reason to invest.”

Since its inception, Darrow has uncovered many cases across legal domains, including privacy and data breach, consumer protection, securities and financial fraud, antitrust, environment and employment. Darrow works with hundreds of litigators in 50 leading law firms and has uncovered hundreds of alleged violations resulting in active litigation work totaling over 10 billion dollars.

Darrow’s $35 million Series B funding follows a $5 million seed round in Winter 2020 led by F2 Venture Capital, including investments from Y Combinator, NFX, and a $14 million Series A led by Entrée Capital that closed in the Summer of 2021, with participation from existing investors.

“Darrow is a perfect case study for Generative AI, empowering partners and customers to execute their jobs faster, cheaper and better. In fact, Darrow now generates a greater volume of meritorious cases than even the largest firms in class action litigation,” said Barak Rabinowitz, Managing Partner of F2 VC.