Everlaw Unveils AI Assistant Powered by Generative AI

Everlaw, the cloud-native investigation and litigation platform, announced its EverlawAI portfolio with newly released generative AI features available in a beta program to give legal teams an instant leg-up in text-based work and greater productivity across legal workflows within its trusted and highly secure platform.

Everlaw unveiled three videos to outline the news and add greater context. 

Litigation requires legal teams to summarize complex documents and thread together facts from hundreds and even thousands of sources. Research shows drafting motions or briefs is one of the most time-consuming tasks for litigators, requiring on average more than 20 hours of work per month. Shortening the time to create written materials and summarize complex documents promises greater efficiency and productivity across the $ 950 billion global legal services market.

Not only does EverlawAI Assistant deliver speed in writing drafts, its AI insights are also tightly integrated throughout the Everlaw workflows – from document review to narrative building – so the results inform and improve the entire e-discovery process. These capabilities include: 

  • AI review assistance that uses the power of generative AI to provide document insights faster. For long and complex documents, EverlawAI Assistant discovers key information for a specific document directly in the review pane, summarizes, extracts key players and explores topics of interest.
  • Legal teams can ask any question when reviewing a single document to explore areas of interest and receive an on-demand response, as well as click into the pages where answers were generated to dive deeper and verify answers for correctness. Instead of spending hours reading through a long and complex document, legal teams can discover relevant document insights in an instant.
  • AI writing assistance helps legal teams build evidence-based texts in Everlaw Storybuilder once a review is done. Using document information, such as Bates number, title, date, description and relevance, legal teams can generate a first draft from key evidence that includes supporting citations. What would take hours or days for a legal professional to compose a statement of facts, for example, can now happen in seconds, delivering a rough draft to edit and fact check.

“The real value of generative AI is when it evolves beyond a ‘tech demo’ and into the embedded workflows where legal teams live – drafting and reviewing materials, and connecting insights across a corpus to chart a straighter path to the truth,” said AJ Shankar, founder and CEO, Everlaw. “Our strategic approach is delivering all the transformative benefits of AI within our trusted platform built upon the enterprise capabilities that the legal industry deserves.”  

Inserting generative AI into the Everlaw platform creates a breakthrough for legal teams,” said Gordon Calhoun, partner and Chair of the Electronic Discovery, Information Management & Compliance Practice, Lewis Brisbois. “Getting a quick summary of complex, voluminous or important documents as part of the initial review will trigger a sea change when preparing your case. The AI holds the promise of allowing the merits team to move directly from first tier review to assembling information for use in depositions, motions mediation or trial. When this happens within the Everlaw platform where we can verify it, I have confidence in its ultimate value. And, Everlaw Storybuilder, which provides a structure into which to install packets of information, will allow counsel to tease out relationships between data and issues that otherwise might not have been discernable. More broadly, I believe whatever helps you can get a better, deeper understanding of complex or voluminous information and present that in a credible way, allows us to improve the quality of justice enormously – with potential to improve the way cases are tried and how justice is achieved.” 

Trusted In Design, Responsible In Principle to Help Legal Teams Combat Hallucinations and Verify Results

  • The generative-AI-created output is easily identifiable and designed for legal experts to verify and cross-check for correctness. Supporting sources are cited along with generated answers to make it easy to verify them. 
  • Everlaw provides additional privacy controls that are different from consumer access. For example, data is not used to train large language models. 
  • EverlawAI Assistant was created in a responsible manner based on Everlaw’s Generative AI Principles

See this chart to better understand the enterprise capabilities in EverlawAI Assistant.

“The race to push generative AI into production is real. It is impressive to see Everlaw doing it quickly and thoughtfully, adding guardrails so legal teams can gain benefits while better navigating the pitfalls of gen AI,” said Ryan O’Leary, Research Director at IDC. “After a lot of generative AI hype, there’s underlying skepticism in the legal industry. The software platforms that can reliably deliver and layer on AI in a responsible and trusted way will likely win the hearts and minds of legal teams.” 

About the EverlawAI Portfolio 

In addition to the new generative AI offerings, the EverlawAI product line includes Everlaw’s award-winning Clustering, which uncovers hidden patterns even in the largest corpus of documents, and Predictive Coding to quickly identify hot documents with AI.