Eversheds Sutherland Launches AI and Legal Data Analytics Tool

Eversheds Sutherland announced the launch of a proprietary tool to help clients better assess the risk of an adverse ruling on spoliation of evidence in any US court. Developed in partnership with Fastcase, Spoliation Scientist is a first-of-its-kind legal data analytics tool that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, text analytics, and interactive data visualizations to quickly and efficiently assess spoliation risk in any of the nation’s state and federal courts.

At the click of a button, the tool allows clients operating in multiple jurisdictions to quickly identify areas of risk, direct focus and better budget and forecast for specific discovery-related expenses. Spoliation Scientist uses a combination of Fastcase’s legal research data, professional review of automated data tagging by the Fastcase AI Sandbox technology, and content expertise to establish a visual database of cases where a judge ruled on a claim of spoliation and the sanctions imposed where spoliation was found.

Using innovative approaches and new technology to create value for our clients has been a high priority for us,” said Rocco E. Testani, Co-lead of the firm’s Litigation Practice Group. “We are proud to come up with new ways to enhance our service offerings and lead the way with innovative ideas.”

Spoliation findings can result in severe penalties and the issue is top of mind for any litigator and in-house counsel,” said Greg S. Kaufman, Eversheds Sutherland Litigation Partner and member of the firm’s Litigation Technology Working Group. “Being able to see with a few clicks, in any jurisdiction across the US, how often spoliation has been ruled on and what the decision was is an extremely valuable insight that we are now able to provide to our clients.

Law firms are starting to create new types of data-driven services that help them stand out in an increasingly competitive environment,” said Ed Walters, Fastcase CEO. “Eversheds Sutherland is a great example of that – the firm is changing the game by offering their clients new, data-enhanced risk assessment tools that no other firm can offer. Law firm competitiveness is driven by unique offerings such as Spoliation Scientist.”

The process and technology Fastcase and Eversheds Sutherland built together can be applied to other unique data sets within the litigation process, allowing Eversheds Sutherland to better advise their clients on risk and potential outcomes. 

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Fastcase is a comprehensive legal intelligence company, founded in 1999 and based in Washington, D.C. Partnering with the bar associations of all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Fastcase serves more than 1.1 million lawyers from around the world. The company provides an innovative research suite of primary law, dockets, treatises, legal blogs, analytics, workflow tools, and legal news.