Evisort Launches Document X-Ray™

Evisort has announced the launch of Document X-Ray™ to help organizations fully customize their AI journey with responsible, generative AI for contracts. The result is flexible, in-depth, user-driven contract analysis optimized for individual enterprises of any size and industry.

The entry point to Document X-Ray is Evisort’s Conversational AI experience, which lets one ask questions about contracts in simple, natural language and get clear, reasoned answers. Ask questions like “What happens if we terminate early?”, “Are rebates or discounts available?” or “Can we charge for partial performance?” and their AI will provide answers.

Document X-Ray turns those same questions into AI models that run automatically across all submitted contracts or any subset thereof. It creates structured data points on the fly, so one can track precisely the terms an organization cares about and make informed, strategic business decisions on the go.

Document X-Ray isn’t limited to finding relevant clauses in contracts. It can extract terms of any level of granularity – dates, monetary amounts, entities, legal “terms of art,” and more. It can accurately extract data that appear in tables, handwritten notes, and poorly scanned hardcopy pages, even when the document has intrusive watermarks, headers, and footers.

Document X-Ray isn’t limited to contracts. Businesses can run it on transactional documents like invoices, SOWs, and purchase orders to find amounts due, payment terms, shipping information, and other critical details. Healthcare organizations can run it on physician licenses to extract renewal dates and prepare for audits. International technology companies can use it for GDPR compliance. Manufacturing organizations can use it to analyze their supplier agreements.

With the power of generative AI, Document X-Ray goes even further, automatically generating the answer that is needed in clear, understandable terms. It can calculate dates and amounts, summarize terms for non-legal audiences, assign a tiered rating or classification, and more. 

This opens new opportunities for creative legal, legal ops, procurement, sales, compliance, and finance teams to know what’s in the agreements that power their business. 

Those teams can gain even greater business value by sharing these structured contract data points from Evisort with connected enterprise systems such as ServiceNow, Salesforce, SAP Ariba, and hundreds more — including other contract management systems.