Gridsum and Peking University Law School Establish Legal AI Lab and Research Institute

Gridsum Holding Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based big-data analytics and artificial intelligence solutions in China, today announced that it has partnered with Peking University Law School to establish the Peking University Legal AI Lab and Research Institute (the “Legal AI Lab”) to focus on the analysis, development and application of AI across China’s legal ecosystem.

The Legal AI Lab was officially launched today at a ceremony attended by Ms. Jingyi Ye, Deputy Party Committee Secretary of Peking University, Mr. Shouwen Zhang, Dean of Peking University Law School and Director of the Legal AI Lab, Mr. Xiaolei Yang, Vice President of Peking University Law School and Executive Director of the Legal AI Lab, and Mr. Guosheng Qi, Chief Executive Officer of Gridsum.

Mr. Guosheng Qi, Chief Executive Officer of Gridsum, commented, “We are excited to be at the forefront of China’s legal AI development and to have the opportunity to work in close cooperation with globally renowned legal academic institutions and individuals. The combination of Peking University’s highly-experienced legal community and our cutting-edge AI and big data technology will directly benefit the development and application of AI across China’s judicial system as it migrates towards a Smart Court initiative.”

Gridsum will leverage its unparalleled capabilities in big data and AI, as well as its deep experience in developing enterprise-focused AI applications, to provide technical and research expertise to the Legal AI Lab. Gridsum is ideally positioned to support the Legal AI Lab having set the benchmark for the successful integration of AI into the legal system with the launch of the “Faxin Wei Su” Platform in November 2017, a litigation service on WeChat’s micro application platform. Working in close partnership with Peking University Law School and the Legal AI Lab is another step in Gridsum’s broader strategy of developing a comprehensive suite of legal solutions targeting courts, prosecutors, law firms and others within the judicial ecosystem. The rollout of Gridsum’s legal services product suite is accelerating within China’s court system.

In July 2017China’s State Council announced its “Next Generation of Artificial Intelligence Development Plan” which articulated an agenda for China to develop a first-mover advantage and become a premier global AI innovation center. China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology recently announced a more detailed short-term action plan in a follow up to China’s State Council’s. In The “Three-year Action Plan for Promoting the Development of a New Generation of Artificial Intelligence Industry (2018-2020),” the government specifically targets the research of AI-related policies, laws and regulations that create a healthy and sustainable environment for the industry to grow.