Josef And LexisNexis Announced Partnership

Legaltech platform Josef has announced a partnership with LexisNexis Pacific, one of the world’s foremost legal content platforms. The partnership will see Josef and LexisNexis join forces to streamline how legal and compliance professionals access LexisNexis’ global content library.

Starting with the LexisNexis Regulatory Compliance solution, the collaboration augments how users retrieve content through an integration that offers an alternative method of querying the content library delivering workflow efficiencies, heightened transparency and actionable insights.

LexisNexis Pacific, Managing Director, Greg Dickason said Josef represents the innovative technology that LexisNexis has always embraced.

“LexisNexis has continually been innovating in this space for over 50 years, adopting and pioneering new technology ensuring that our content is optimised and highly accessible,” Dickason said. “Our partnership with Josef makes sense to us as we work with emerging no-code solution providers. We believe in experimenting and learning with customers to ensure we deliver the best solutions possible. Working with innovative providers like Josef and others helps deliver our market leading content through new methods.”

The pilot program will offer LexisNexis customers templates for guided workflows and reporting. Using natural language prompts, in a chat style tool, the pilot will offer a guided workflow that will save users time and allow them to more easily access relevant information to meet their needs.

Founded by lawyers Tom Dreyfus and Sam Flynn and engineer Kirill Kliavin, Josef grew from their first-hand experience of the complexities of legal services and content.

Tom Dreyfus said, “LexisNexis has been and continues to be the benchmark for legal content, and we are excited about the opportunity to help them deliver that content to their clients in new and frictionless ways. This partnership is something that we are proud to have embarked on, combining one of the most recognised brands in the industry with our technology platform.”

Josef is a no-code software platform that empowers lawyers and legal professionals to streamline workflows through easier access to content, services, information and document generation.

According to Josef, the software company provides an easy-to-use platform for lawyers and legal professionals to automate and integrate content with their tasks, including lawyer-client interactions, sending emails, generating legal documents and providing legal guidance and advice.