Legal OS Raises €6M Venture Capital Led by Google’s Gradient Ventures

No-code legal automation platform Legal OS raises €6M venture capital, co-led by Gradient Ventures, Google’s AI-focused venture fund, and 10x with participation from existing investors HV Capital and Speedinvest. The company has built a no-code platform for automated contract creation, document generation, and process development to help legal teams speed-up their work and contribute to the no-code transformation in the legal industry.

Legal OS’s tool asks users questions and automatically builds an individual document from the answers. The software becomes more and more useful the more frequently users work with it. In the beginning, the rules and specifications are comprehensively defined. This yields the data that can build a legally compliant contract, as Lilian Breidenbach, co-founder and CEO of Legal OS, explained to Handelsblatt. The idea, she said, is to reduce repetitive work for legal customers.

Legal OS customers include companies such as Bombardier and german law firms such as Lambsdorff. Legal OS plans to expand globally and improve their document library, as well as to further develop the platform to allow legal teams to collaborate with each other on common provisions. Moreover, the start-up is also planning a ready-made version of its platform for non-lawyers, according to Handelsblatt.

In 2021, we introduced our suite of automation tools to allow legal teams to automate the generation of their own templates but specific to the deal of the moment,” said Breidenbach. “We want to create a world in which legal professionals without engineering experience or capabilities can model complex rules, automate tasks, and generate documents in minutes rather than days. This will allow legal teams to focus on complex problems rather than being mired in repetitive copy and paste tasks.

We’re excited to partner with the Legal OS team as they build world-class automation tools for legal teams,” said Darian Shirazi, General Partner at Gradient Ventures. “Legal documents mostly contain generally accepted provisions and in the future, Legal OS will allow legal teams to skip over settled law and focus on deal points that really matter to clients.”

It’s rare to find a team in LegalTech that mixes passion with expertise. The team at Legal OS not only has the technical capabilities to redefine the legal industry, they also have a genuine desire to streamline legal services.” said Andreas Etten, Partner at 10x. “We look forward to supporting Lilian and her team as they build a globally-respected company.”