Litera Announced Acquisition of Allegory Law

Litera announced the acquisition of Allegory Law, a subsidiary of Integreon, in a move that adds case management to its growing list of capabilities, and cements its position as the leading provider of legal workflow and workspace technology. 

Allegory is a modern, cloud-based litigation platform designed for complex, document-intensive litigation. It brings together all of the relevant information that a litigation team needs to prepare a case including litigation knowledge, case administration, evidence, witnesses, and case documents which are all managed and analyzed in context, in a single, collaborative platform. The software can be accessed from desktops, and various mobile devices and tablets.

Haley Altman, global director of business development and strategy at Litera, said, “Litera is increasingly becoming part of the DNA of a law firm, supporting all types of legal teams throughout their workflow, and in whatever environment they’re working in. Last year the company set about transforming legal workspaces by bringing Doxly and Workshare Transact together to create a best of breed, truly global, deal management offering. With the acquisition of Allegory, we’re set to transform workspaces again, this time that of the litigation teams.”

Corey Barnes, director at Allegory, said, “We’re seeing a fundamental shift in the way that legal teams are working, in particular the way in which they collaborate on cases. Understanding Litera’s vision for supporting the modern practices and workflows in law firms and legal departments – and how Allegory will help accelerate that – is something we’re very excited to be a part of.”

Alma Asay, founder of Allegory and Litera evangelist, said, “In the few months since I joined Litera, I’ve seen firsthand the way the company approaches deployment of the right people and the right processes to build first-rate technology. Litera takes a long-term outlook when investing in development in order to truly meet the needs of our clients. I can’t imagine a better home for Allegory and look forward to seeing it thrive here.

About Litera
Litera is a provider of software for law firms and document-intensive organizations across the globe, helping them satisfy the demands of clients. Their document drafting products empower users to create, proofread, compare, clean, and distribute high-quality content quickly and securely, from any device, while their transaction management platform converts the manual, tedious process of managing transactions by creating a secure, collaborative workspace and automating the entire signature process.

About Allegory
Allegory is a cloud-based litigation platform built around the way litigation teams think and work. Its solution interconnects litigation knowledge, including case administration, evidence, witnesses, and case documents. Its solution is accessed from various mobile devices, desktops, and tablets. Founded in 2011 by Alma Asay, Allegory Law has operated as a subsidiary of Integreon since 2017.