News Roundup: My 10 Top News Picks for March 2016

What has happened in March 2016 in the legal tech community? What was discussed? Which articles should be read? Please find below a selection of my favorite articles in March 2016 which I can highly recommend for anyone who wants to get his/her hands on legal tech:

  1. New York Times The Race Is On to Control AI, and Tech’s Future
  2. AboveTheLaw: Can Computers Beat Humans At Law?
  3. LawyersWeekly: The dawn of the artificially intelligent lawyer
  4. LegalTechNew: Practical AI to Drive Efficiencies in the Law Firm
  5. FindLaw: Are AI Legal Programs Ready to Replace Attorneys?
  6. TheGuardian: Welcome to the robot-based workforce
  7. TechCrunch: Legaltech set to bail out legal services
  8. GeekLawBlog: Lawyers and AI: Saying Susskind is Wrong
  9. Der Tagesspiegel: Wie Start-ups das Rechtswesen verändern (German)
  10. LegalInsider: Comment: Artificial Intelligence – Application in Legal