Paxton AI Launches AI Citator and Publishes Accuracy Scores

Legal Tech Startup Paxton AI has launched the Paxton AI Citator, a now patent pending essential tool for legal professionals to check the standing and precedential value of the case.

These tools track whether a case has been overruled, affirmed, questioned, or cited by later cases. Traditionally, citators like LexisNexis’s Shepard’s, Thomson Reuters’s KeyCite, and Bloomberg’s BCite have been managed by human editors and reliant on extensive legal databases. Human-based citators have been essential for legal research, yet they can be expensive, time-consuming, and prone to error.

Despite their ubiquity in legal practice, traditional citators are expensive and error-prone. They depend on vast editorial teams to manually update a case’s legal status.

Leveraging artificial intelligence, the Paxton AI Citator addresses the limitations of traditional citators. Evaluated against the Stanford Casehold dataset of 2,400 examples testing whether a case was overturned or upheld, our citator achieved a remarkable 94% accuracy rate (Stanford Casehold Benchmark).

The Paxton AI Citator was designed to redefine legal research. This powerful tool identifies and groups cases based on similar legal principles and does so even when cases do not directly cite each other. This innovative approach ensures comprehensive coverage and relevancy, dramatically increasing the efficiency of legal research by providing legal professionals with swift access to pertinent case sets.

The Paxton AI Citator will also improve consistency over human-based citators. Our Citator standardizes case analysis based on sophisticated AI reasoning, ensuring each case is evaluated under consistent criteria. This method significantly reduces the variability and subjective interpretations common in human review, offering a more reliable and predictable research tool.

Moreover, our Citator goes beyond traditional citation indicators by offering detailed explanations for each citation. This feature enhances the understanding of a case’s relevance and legal standing, making the results easier to validate and increasing transparency within legal research processes.

Paxton AI’s Citator provides a standardized review analysis that boosts efficiency and accuracy. The tool automates the complex tasks of analyzing and synthesizing cases and their relationships. This automation saves time and cuts costs, making comprehensive legal research tools accessible to a broader audience.