PwC and Microsoft Collaborate to Promote Legaltech Solutions for Spanish Market

PwC Tax & Legal, supported by Microsoft, created the Tax & Legal Tech Springboard with the aim of promoting legal-tech and tax-tech solutions in the Spanish market. The Springboard is a startup acceleration program that offers business, technical, commercial, and financial mentoring as well as access to training resources, clients, and investors to selected startups.

International tax- and legal-tech startups at an advanced stage of the development of their tax- or legal-tech solution, which need to validate the integration and adaption of their product or service to the Spanish market as well as startups that do not yet offer tax- and legal-tech solutions but have a working technological solution that is not yet adapted to the Spanish or international legal or tax sector, with which to establish at least one use case and co-create, together with PwC, supported by Microsoft, a solution that is applicable to the Spanish legal or tax sector can apply for the program.

Microsoft will focus on amplifying PwC’s message to generate new applications for the program and presenting a strong partnership message to the extent possible. Moreover, Microsoft will promote co-marketing initiatives and events organised jointly with PwC through Microsoft’s marketing channels selected at Microsoft’s discretion wherever possible. In addition, Microsoft will join PwC in providing access to their resources to the selected startups.

The objectives of the Tax & Legal Tech Springboard are to expand the technological radar of both supporting companies, drive the transformation of legal and tax areas, generate innovative solutions, and promote entrepreneurship.

The first acceleration period started on 7th April with the presentation of proposals and will go on till 7th May 2021. The analysis and selection of proposals proceeds simultaneously. The tutoring and mentoring of the selected startups and entrepreneurs will start on 17th May 2021. At the end of the program in October the projects will be presented to investors.

The registration deadline is 30th April 2021 for the first acceleration period. If an application arrives after this date, it will be accepted, but the assessment will be made for the next acceleration period.