Research Project: Legal Document Automation Tool Survey

Legal departments in companies and government agencies are creating large amounts of legal documents every day. In many cases this process is still heavily dependent on the manual labour of lawyers and support staff. Time and resources are lost on assembling each document by copying text blocks from existing documents and manually looking up the correct document structure.

The term Document Automation describes the trend of applying software solutions to automate the generation of documents. In most cases legal documents are highly structured and the decision which paragraphs are included depends on strict rules that have been defined in advance.
The underlying logic for the document structure is usually modified only when the law changes. For this reason, there is a high potential to use document automation in the legal domain.

The market for software tools for document automation consists of many vendors that offer tools that can automatically generate documents. Some of them solely focus on document automation while others integrate this functionality into a platform for automated business processes.

The goal of this Legal Document Automation Tool Survey is to evaluate and compare tools to give practitioners interested in introducing document automation to their organization an overview of the market. Tool vendors are provided with requirements for document automation tools in the legal domain. For this reason, the study does not contain a ranking with clear winners and losers but a scorecard based on the requirements and corresponding scenarios that illustrate their practical applicability.

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