Slaughter and May Pilots AI Transcription Tool Designed for Legal Sector

The international law firm Slaughter and May will pilot the JUST: Access proprietary AI large language model, part of a suite of transcription tools.

The language model, developed in conjunction with leading academics with the help of Innovate UK, was created by transcribing hundreds of hours of court audio using the very latest in Natural Language Processing, ChatGPT and Machine Learning.

Just: Access is a leader in speech to text transcription technology for the legal and regulatory sector. Its aim is to deliver market-leading accuracy, searchability and efficiencies around legal information to lawyers, such as those at Slaughter and May.

Frustrated by the cost and accessibility of legal transcripts, founder Sophie Walker, a practising barrister herself, developed JUST: Access as an AI transcription platform with the goal to halve both the time and cost of transcription.

“Accuracy remained a big issue, with other commercially available products not coping well with case names, legislation and even patterns of speech that are distinctive to lawyers.  That is where the idea of creating a tool trained with over 1.5 million words spoken by lawyers, judges and litigants.” said Sophie Walker, founder and CEO of JUST: Access.  “To partner with Slaughter and May, especially after taking part in their Collaborate Programme in 2019, is a real milestone for us.”

Jane Stewart, Head of Knowledge & Innovation at Slaughter and May said, “We are excited to pilot JUST: Access, particularly in our Disputes practice, where certain of the tool’s key features will be really handy, but also across the firm more generally – we are always looking for the best new tools and for ways to improve processes.”

JUST: Access is committed to making a positive impact on the legal industry and revolutionising the way legal services are delivered.