SurePoint Technologies Acquires Leopard Solutions

SurePoint Technologies, calling itself the leading provider of innovative legal software solutions for mid-sized law firms, has announced the strategic acquisition of Leopard Solutions, a trusted leader in legal business intelligence and analytics solutions. This acquisition marks a significant milestone for SurePoint, enabling the company to amplify competitive, market, and business intelligence data for the legal industry. The combined 60-years of data from these two companies will now provide benchmarking insights and intelligence for the legal community.

Leopard Solutions has been a trusted partner to the legal industry for more than 20 years, offering meticulously updated legal intelligence data to maintain relevance and ensure firms can achieve a competitive edge in the ever-evolving legal landscape. Understanding the critical importance of accurate and reliable data to drive decision-making within law firms and the broader legal industry, Leopard Solutions provides a comprehensive suite of intelligence solutions that encompass a deep understanding of the people, practices, and business development opportunities that are essential for making informed decisions and driving sustainable growth.

“Success in the legal sector requires more than just financial acumen,” said Eric Thurston, CEO, SurePoint Technologies. “Our clients already rely on SurePoint to handle critical aspects of their operations. With the acquisition of Leopard Solutions, we now provide a complete package of firm intelligence solutions, bridging the gap between financial and people intelligence. By incorporating Leopard Solutions into our existing offerings, we can provide an equalizer to smaller firms who will be empowered to use hard data to achieve their full potential and maximize financial performance.”

SurePoint has been dedicated to enabling law firms to unlock higher performance and profitability for over 40 years. With a team comprised of CPAs, former lawyers, and leading software engineers, SurePoint delivers award-winning software that improves workflow and enhances profitability for law firms. With Leopard Solutions’ firm intelligence offerings, clients gain access to invaluable insights into various aspects of their operations, including new practice areas to pursue, competitor hiring benchmarks, firm health index scores, and analysis on existing relationships with prospective clients and potential hires. These insights, coupled with competitive benchmarking data and real-time trends, provide actionable intelligence to clients through critical financial and people decisions. Likewise, all Leopard Solutions clientele, including law firms, corporate counsel, legal search professionals, and law schools will benefit from the accelerated growth, continued innovation, and more comprehensive set of data and resources available to power their businesses.

“Faced with the same challenges and opportunities as Big Law, mid-sized firms often lack the competitive intelligence and analytics resources that larger firms have at their disposal,” said Laura Leopard, Founder and CEO, Leopard Solutions. “With access to Leopard Solutions’ suite of intelligence technologies, SurePoint’s clients will be able to gain a competitive edge in the ever-evolving legal landscape through unparalleled insights that enable them to make data-driven decisions with confidence.”