vLex Launches Major Upgrade to Vincent AI

Global legal intelligence company vLex released a suite of AI tools in its award-winning assistant Vincent AI, creating the world’s most comprehensive AI legal research platform. vLex launched the suite of large language model (LLM) tools in an invitation-only beta, and will roll them out to additional users in the coming months. 

Vincent AI is a significant step forward for AI-powered legal analysis, because it is based on one of the world’s largest online law libraries. vLex contains the law of more than 110 nations, and includes more than 1 billion cases, statutes, regulations, dockets, pleadings and motions in its collection. Vincent AI also uses secondary materials and expert treatises, many of which have expert analysis not included in other tools. 

The new Vincent AI tools already work in the United Kingdom, the United States, Ireland, and Spain, in English and Spanish, with more jurisdictions to be added on a rolling basis.

“AI tools are only as good as the data they rely on,” said vLex CEO Lluís Faus, “and the vLex law library is one of the largest collections of structured law on the planet, including leading expert commentary. That leads to unprecedented insights for legal tasks. For legal LLMs, this release is a major improvement. It is as big as the jump from ChatGPT to GPT4. The results are astonishing.”

Vincent AI accepts questions in natural language, conducts research in primary and secondary sources, presents a customizable source list, summaries of research and verifiable hyperlinks, and then creates research memos or arguments from the results in different formats. For the beta launch, Vincent AI will include 8 skills:

  • Ask a Question – create a research memo to answer legal questions with direct citations and links to verified sources, including Fastcase’s Cert citator in the United States
  • Build an Argument – Vincent will research and create winning arguments for or against propositions, based on precedent in specific jurisdictions
  • Compare Law in Different Jurisdictions – forum shop or compare governing law across different states in the United States, or between different countries
  • Spot Legal Issues – read and summarize instantly the issues in a case
  • Headnote Summaries – create editorial headnotes for a case on the fly
  • Document as a Search – drag and drop a document and automatically find related precedents without additional searches
  • Related Authorities – during research, find related authorities from vLex, including primary and secondary materials.
  • Vincent for Word – Access Vincent AI while drafting from inside Microsoft Word

For legal professionals, this is a major step forward in AI-enhanced legal practice. “Vincent AI is not just a new product; it’s a revolutionary approach that diverges from the path tread by conventional case law providers.” said Chad Ergun, Chief Information Officer of Denver-based Davis, Graham & Stubbs. “In the dynamic and ever-expanding market of GenAI, it’s not just innovation we seek, but also unexplored angles. Vincent AI may just be the fresh perspective the industry has been awaiting. I’m thoroughly impressed.”

As advanced as the new suite of Vincent AI tools are, legal professionals will find them easier to use than traditional legal research tools. “What’s great about this product is that lawyers will immediately recognize it — saying ‘I know what that is’ — drastically reducing or eliminating any learning curve,” said Scott Rechtschaffen, Shareholder and Chief Knowledge Officer of San Francisco-based Littler. 

To safeguard against the dangers of unconstrained LLMs, Vincent AI sources authorities directly from our vast database of authoritative legal sources including case law, statutory and regulatory information, and secondary sources. Vincent AI draws its answers only from real cases and real legal materials.

vLex’s comprehensive sources, coupled with the company’s AI-powered search functionality, means that Vincent AI translates natural language questions into a complete and thorough search: identifying trusted data that a manual search may have left unnoticed. With Vincent AI, legal professionals experience unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and comprehensive legal insights:

  • Verified answers with no hallucinations: With individualized summaries, linked directly to primary and secondary materials, Vincent AI helps you understand exactly how each case, act, law, or article addresses your questions.
  • Unprecedented user control: While most systems limit users to the cases they present, Vincent AI is designed for user autonomy. Legal professionals can omit or even add cases to the analysis, while viewing the sources’ relevant text. This level of control is unparalleled in the industry.
  • Global legal intelligence: Only with Vincent AI can legal professionals go beyond country borders — obtaining fast and accurate legal answers — bridging the gap in international and comparative research. With access to exclusive and comprehensive primary and secondary materials sourced from vLex’s massive, worldwide database, Vincent AI’s smart search ensures that research leaves no stone unturned.
  • Build and counter arguments: More than just answers, Vincent AI lets users formulate compelling arguments, support propositions, counter opposing views, and even anticipate counterarguments.

“We are proud to launch this new feature, built using the largest collections of legal information in the world – to answer questions reliably in a way that no other provider can,” said Robin Chesterman, Global Head of Product, vLex. “Vincent AI is now the only tool on the market that can build arguments and answer research questions in different jurisdictions, using verified, customizable sources to ensure responsible, ethical, and accurate performance.”