Can Legal Tech minimize Legal Disputes and Risks?

by Tom Brägelmann

Can advances in LegalTech / Legal Innovation (e.g. blockchains, smart contracts, artificial intelligence and big data) minimize legal disputes, conflicting legal views and legal risks and uncertainties?

You may get better documents, smoother transactions and deeper facts, full legal research and fine-tuned legal arguments… …but less legal conflict and uncertainty?

Maybe you will even become able to start more lawsuits or identify more legal risks and uncertainties than before?

Judge Benjamin N. Cardozo wrote in the “Game of the Law”: “Method is much, technique is much, but inspiration is even more.” They say that two lawyers have three legal options on any legal issue, and that three lawyers have five legal opinions… (etc).

How would any technology, innovation or cultural change in the legal profession/business of law stop lawyers and courts from finding (or making up) legal issues? Could any? Should any?

Legislator won’t help, as statutes will be incomplete, unclear and contradicted by others laws, case law, legal principles, fundamental rights… LegalTech and legal innovation promises justice but may only lead to a more efficient legal system… and that is fine… but… Any legal system will have conflicts!

You will still have to fight for your right!

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