Della Expands into German Market

Hengeler Mueller adopts and rolls out Della’s cutting edge, multilingual, AI technology across the firm.

Leading international law firm, Hengeler Mueller, has selected and begun a firm-wide roll out of Della’s unique, multilingual, artificial intelligence (AI) driven contract analytics platform. The partnership will accelerate Hengeler Mueller’s contract review processes, and further expand the firm’s legal tech strategy of providing outstanding, up to date working practices, which allow their teams to focus on offering high-end legal advisory services.

Teams across the firm are now using Della to accelerate the review of a wide variety of legal documents. Using Della’s technology to make rapid initial project assessments and track and aggregate due diligence information. Significantly increasing the efficiency of exchanging information and giving Hengeler Mueller’s lawyers the freedom to devote their full attention to assessing complex legal issues.

Pierre Zickert

Pierre Zickert, Head of Hengeler Mueller’s Legal Tech Center, which oversees digitization projects from the exploratory stage through procurement and rollout for the firm, comments: “Della combines the qualities of outstanding performance, robust behaviour and adaptability that are so important to us. Having worked with Della since the Collaborate incubator programme, I have no doubt that Christophe and the team are as passionate about innovation and as eager to listen to the needs of their clients, as we are, and together we can improve the way law is done.

Hengeler Mueller, which has offices in Berlin, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, London, and Munich, began its collaboration with Della in 2021 during the Collaborate legal tech programme, in which Hengeler Mueller, together with founder firm Slaughter and May, support legal tech companies by testing, developing, and expanding their tools.  Both firms are part of the ‘Best Friends’ Group, alongside BonelliErede, Bredin Prat, De Brauw Blackstone Westbroek, and Uría Menéndez. 

Christophe Frèrebeau

Christophe Frèrebeau, founder and CEO of Della, adds: “Most projects require law firms to quickly review large volumes of contracts and despite the challenges involved, many law firms continue to review those documents manually. In a competitive and constantly accelerating market environment, the time factor becomes a decisive element, in addition to quality.

It is widely accepted that automating the contract review process is the only way for firms to maintain efficiency and keep up. Della’s AI technology has changed the game by making contract review projects easy and manageable without the need to train the models or the teams using our platform.

Della’s powerful AI core and intuitive design mean that the platform has offered Hengeler Mueller’s teams significant time savings from the start, with almost no set-up or configuration and minimal training required. Helping relevant team members to review hundreds of third-party, multi-page, non-standard contracts in different languages quickly and efficiently, enabling them to identify potential risks or procedures, and drive efficiencies across the firm’s legal document review processes. This announcement marks Della’s first expansion into the German legal market.

About Della

Della provides law firms and in-house legal teams with artificial intelligence to accelerate review and audit of legal documents. Della has developed a unique question answering technology which enables legal professionals to analyse documents based on their own questions and checklists, allowing them to make the best use of their own expertise. This novel technology allows firms of all sizes to use and adopt AI without the significant time investment which was required for early AI players. Founded in 2018, Della’s platform is already used by law firms and in-house legal departments across the world. Della has offices in London and Paris.

About Hengeler Mueller

Hengeler Mueller is an international law firm with offices in Berlin, Brussels, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, London and Munich. With approximately 320 lawyers, including 90 partners, the firm specialises in high-end legal advice in complex business transactions, disputes and special situations. Hengeler Mueller’s clients include large corporates as well as leading investors and family-owned enterprises in Europe and worldwide.