Inaugural Legal Tech Wales Conference on 31 January

The challenges and opportunities associated with the application of technology in legal services will be the focus of a free one-day conference held in Swansea later this month.

Hosted by Swansea University’s Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law in collaboration with the Law Society, the inaugural Legal Tech Wales conference will be held at the Liberty Stadium on Wednesday 31 January.

Traditionally, legal tech referred to the application of technology and software to help law firms with practice management, document storage, billing, accounting and electronic discovery. However, in recent years, legal tech has evolved to be associated more with technologies such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, Blockchain and digital platforms that disrupt the practice of law, reduce the need to consult a lawyer, or connect people with lawyers more efficiently through online marketplaces.

Chaired by Professor Elwen Evans QC, Head of the University’s Hillary Rodham Clinton School of Law, the conference will bring together a network of legal practitioners, technology companies, education providers, and other organisations interested in the application and impact of technology in legal practice.

With speakers including Christina Blacklaws (Vice-President of the Law Society), Professor Richard Susskind (an independent adviser on the future of professional services and author of Tomorrow’s Lawyers: An Introduction to Your Future), and representatives from across the UK’s emerging LegalTech sector, the event will highlight the challenges and opportunities associated with the application of technology in legal service delivery, and will showcase examples of legal technology in practice.

Professor Elwen Evans QC said: “The growing impact of technology on legal practice is exciting and represents a generational challenge for the profession. It is also an opportunity for firms to deliver more efficient and cost-effective services for clients and to support the wider access to justice agenda.

“Swansea University is driving the development of a LegalTech community in Wales and is working to ensure that legal education adapts to the changing needs of the profession. We are delighted to have the support of Christina Blacklaws, Richard Susskind and so many other leading voices in the LegalTech sector for this inaugural LegalTech Wales conference.”