has created a ‘Robot Lawyer’ built on AI for Consumer Rights Protection

Russia’s leading online legal advice website (translation launched a robot lawyer which will advise users all across the country.  The robot is built on artificial intelligence (AI) algorithm (neural network) capable of understanding questions written in plain-language and of giving a detailed legal advice in a fraction of a second for free.

Unlike other legal robots which are used mostly for legal researchers, contract reviews and court decision predictions, Pravoved’s robot supports end users. It understands plain written language, gives a comprehensive answer and explains person’s rights.

Currently, the robot lawyer consults mainly on consumer rights protection, as it is one of the most popular topics among the users in and Russia overall. For instance, if someone is trying to get a refund for a broken smartphone, the robot will provide the person with detailed information on how to deal with it. The robot will also give advice on how to deal with a vendor violating the terms of returns and exchange policy.

AI technologies crave for data to perform better and train every day. The robot’s neural network is trained with one of the world’s biggest datasets (100 000 legal questions with a focus on consumer rights protection).  

Usually, consumer legal marketplaces offer personalized consultancy via phone or VoIP services. This approach limits aggregating data. In countries like Russia people type in their questions and receive legal advice online.

Valeriy Meshkov, founder & CEO: «After six years of aggregating data on a website we realized that as people have common problems, most questions are similar and thus answers could be automated. We envision a world where anyone will have a free access to basic legal aid

During the testing period, the robot answered more than 2,500 questions and received gratitude from the users. The robot is constantly learning. It is planned that it will be able to answer the questions on family law in the first half of 2018. is the brainchild of a Russian former lawyer, Valery Meshkov. is the website which offers users access to thousands of Russian lawyers for paid services. Now it has over 4 million visitors a month and from 1500 to 2500 consultations from lawyers a day.