Silence Please! It is time for Computer Vision!

by Mark-Christoph Schütte

The interdisciplinary field of computer vision enables computers to gain a high-level understanding of images and videos. By analyzing pixels, smart systems are able to extract data about the picture or case that they are presented with. Since now this has attracted many applications in the media, digital or automotive industry, so why shouldn’t lawyers make use of it as well?

Unfortunately, a general market analysis of a thousand computer vision companies did not give positive results for the legal industry right now. The area is mostly unexplored. There seem to be only 2 major use cases that have been realized in the past.

First, there are many companies that digitize analog documents like contracts and case studies. As a result, lawyers have to deal with less paperwork and can use computer tools more often. Also, this enables computers to process the documents after they are available in digital formats and ensures the durability of existing files. Another use case could be the digitization of trial records to improve exchange within the judiciary.

Secondly, there are companies out there which automate the protection of copyrights. By automatically searching the web for duplicates or at least similar images, the system protects an artists or photographers work from being stolen.

I am not happy with that result. Actually, this is kind of sad, isn’t it? A technology powerful enough to make cars drive autonomously is mostly used to digitize documents.

Do you want to be part of that change? We are looking to:

  • Setup a series of presentations on the interface of computer vision and legal with the goal to exchange its general understanding and applications.
  • Organize detailed workshops to specify applications or tools in order to blueprint possible ventures.
  • Connect and nurture legal or tech experts to start companies in computer vision.

Let me know right now on how you want to be involved in the future of computer vision in the legal industry! Special thanks to Micha-Manuel Bues for giving us a spot on his blog and being in touch with ELTA!

Since I moved to Berlin two years ago, I have been obsessed with creating smart systems that are able to understand the vision and the idea of launching companies in this area. After working and studying at one of the major IT and network players, I am now preparing to launch and prepare different ventures in computer vision. Are you ready for an exciting ride on the hype train? Contact me at or at +4917621784656 – Already on Board is an expert in IT & Biology and Jasmin Tiemann (Legal Assistant)