We need a Moonshot Project for Legal Tech

By Micha-Manuel Bues/Nico Kuhlmann

The term moonshot has its origin in the space program of the United States. In his 1961 address to Congress, President Kennedy announced the goal of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to earth by the end the decade. His ambitious vision was realized after years of enthusiasm and excitement in 1969 and has become known as a moonshot. Nowadays, programs with equally audacious goals have taken on the nickname.

For example, Google founded a semi-secret R&D-facility named X (formerly Google X) in 2010. Among other things, the driverless car, project loon and the Google glasses are being developed here. There is a special name for this kind of projects within the global technology company. You guessed correctly: moonshots! Therefore and consistently, the additional title of the CEO at X is “Captain of Moonshots”.

We propose we need a legal equivalent of sending a human to the moon to spark enthusiasm and excitement in the legal tech community. And yes, we should use the term moonshot to keep our visions big!

What should we as lawyers, legal tech entrepreneurs and other members of the legal tech community accomplish in the next decade? What goal could shake up those in our field who want to make a difference? What unifying destination should we reach for together and accordingly spend time on during the next 10 years?

Many of you will have a lot of great ideas for our legal tech moonshot. Please submit your thoughts (as text, presentation etc.) to kontakt@legal-tech-blog.de. We will collect, review and merge your suggestions and finally present them on this blog. We will not share any ideas without the explicit permission of the author.

Let’s be creative. Let’s be a visionary.