LAWLIFT: A Document Automation Solution – Interview with Dr. Konstantin Bertram

A document automation solution fitted exactly to the needs of lawyers combined with ease of use and straight forward user experience – that is what LAWLIFT wants to provide.

LTB: Dear Dr. Konstantin Bertram, what does LAWLIFT do?

Bertram: At LAWLIFT we provide a document automation solution tailored specifically to the needs of lawyers.

LTB: What stage is your business currently at?

Bertram: We are currently focusing on growing our business in the DACH region, nonetheless, our application is also available in other languages. One of our largest customers so far is Heuking Kühn Lüer Wojtek, one of the leading law firms in Germany.

LTB: Tell us something about the founders and key-team-members of LAWLIFT. How do you plan to scale the team in the next 12 months?

Bertram: LAWLIFT was founded by Steffen Bunnenberg and myself. We currently have a team of 6 people working here and are planning to hire another 4-6 team members this year.

LTB: What is the story behind LAWLIFT?

Bertram: Steffen and I have known each other for quite a while now. We founded a media & IP boutique law practice in 2011. In 2013 we began to look for ways of implementing technical solutions into our legal workflow in order to make our business more scalable. We knew that drafting legal documents was one of the most time consuming and therefore most expensive tasks in our daily work, and we wanted to do something about it. However, we could not find any software suited for our needs. That is why – after having tested a few different approaches to the topic – we started building LAWLIFT in the summer of 2015.

LTB: What are the key features of LAWLIFT? What is unique about it?

Bertram: Most importantly, it’s the ease of use and straight forward user experience. LAWLIFT makes it very easy for non-technical users to build smart, flexible, and dynamic templates for the automation of legal documents, regardless of how complex the legal content is. As we use a logical approach that every legal expert is well trained for, we get rid of many language barriers between legal and tech.

LTB: What gives LAWLIFT a competitive advantage?

Bertram: A small and very agile and product driven team. Some of our team members are both lawyers and programmers, which is an obvious advantage when building legal tech products.

On the product side, one advantage is the encryption of all case related data before it touches our server, thus making our solution compliant with the strict legal requirements in Germany.

LTB: What is the pricing model?

Bertram: LAWLIFT is a web application with a monthly fee per user per month (Software as a Service).

LTB: What have you learned from early versions of LAWLIFT?

Bertram: When we were beta testing in January last year, we noticed that users do not necessarily use software exactly the way the developer thought they would. We learned that user feedback is invaluable to us, as we try to continuously improve our application.

LTB: What do you see are the principal risks to the business?

Bertram: We expect drastically reduced product cycles in the legal software market. Technology is evolving much faster than it did a few years ago, and it will become more difficult for software companies to keep up with the development.