Legal Innovators in-Person Conference Will Be Held in October in London

The Legal Innovators Conference will take place over two days, as an in-person event on the 21st and 22nd of October 2021 at etc venues St Paul’s, London (200 Aldersgate St., London EC1A 4HD).

The first day will focus on law firms and legal services businesses, and how they are driving innovation.

The second day will focus on innovation among in-house legal teams and legal operations professionals. It will also explore the clients’ evolving relationship with a growing range of legal service providers.

A ticket will give you access to both days.

It’s a conference for everyone interested in technology, innovation and the business of law – created by Artificial Lawyer and organised by Cosmonauts.

It’s for everyone who wants to learn about this increasingly important subject area that is steadily reshaping the legal market. Whether you are a Managing Partner of a law firm, a General Counsel inside a company, a professional focused on technology and legal services delivery, or a young lawyer, there is something for you at Legal Innovators.

Legal Innovators is for everyone who wants to learn, to share, and meet their peers. It’s for people just starting to explore this area, as well as for those who are already very experienced but want to know what is now market standard in this rapidly changing field.

An example of some of the topics that will be explored includes:

  • Disaggregating the Law – getting the right people and tech to do the right things.
  • Beyond Contract Management – using contract data to drive business insights.
  • Inhouse Economics – how legal spend pressure is changing working practices.

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Across the two days the visitors will hear from an array of great speakers, ranging from people at major law firms, to regional and boutique firms as well, to General Counsel, the Big Four, ALSPs and Law Companies, and experts from some of the world’s leading legal tech companies. 

Get an overview of a few of the speakers here.

Legal Innovators is also an interactive conference where the visitors are very welcome to join in, ask questions and have discussions with the speakers.

You can get tickets for the London event in October here.

Of course, the organisers will be taking whatever anti-Covid safety measures are recommended at that point.