Unstructured Blockchain Data: Another Mess in the making?

by Tom Brägelmann

Say you want to know what the terms of any given ICO or DAO is, preferrably involving the ERC-20 token standard:

How can someone who

(1) does not want to believe any marketing language on the respective websites and

(2) cannot read any code

find out – without asking anyone else – what the actual terms are that are coded in the respective token / smart contracts?

How can you find out just from the actual code and facts?

Is there any software solution that can for real extract or at least correctly summarize in plain language the terms of any ICO, DAO, or token or smart contract?

If not: Who will be able to make sense – within a short time frame – of relevant large chunks of any given popular blockchain? Sure not any lawyers…

Such a review and extract/summarize tool may well be necessary for accounting reasons, tax reasons, due dilligence, investment decisions etc. – and if this needs to be done quickly and the data is immense, than humans cannot reasonably do such a review.

Would a rule base approach suffice, or do you need an AI to read and summarize all the content deployed on the respective blockchain?

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